Ahead of the inaugural Melbourne Web Series Festival on 20 July, we’re profiling all 30 series that made the Official Selection list. Next up is MQFF community film project, by Grant Scicluna

Melbourne Queer Film Festival and beyondblue brought generations together by pairing a person under 25 years with a person over 55 years to make short films exploring themes of pride and disrespect experienced by same sex-attracted, trans and gender diverse people. These short portraits were shot on iPhones during one weekend by people who had never made films before. Their films are raw, honest and inspiring, and each in its own way show the hope and resilience of Melbourne’s GLBT community.

Why should people watch your series? 

I think the stories of young people and the stories of the more senior people in the GLBT community are incredibly powerful and they’re voices that don’t get asked to tell their stories a lot. I also think the series is truly inspiring because the participants had never made films before and despite this they made films that are incredibly emotional and stirring. Plus they made their films in just one weekend.

What do you want people to take away from your series?

These tiny films are about big things… depression, gender labels, transitioning, violence, sex, friendships, art and much, much more but at the heart of the whole series is this sense of hope and resilience that crosses the generations of the GLBT community. Also the friendships forged between the participants themselves as they bravely opened themselves up for the cameras is palpable. They may have been strangers going in, but I know for a fact that all of them are still in contact in one way or another.

How do you reach your audience?

We shot the films in the first weekend of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and were screening them by the second weekend. After that we went live via the MQFF YouTube channel and have been sharing them via Twitter and FaceBook since.

Why make a web series?

Because the eyeballs are endless. I love that work can go live quickly and be consumed and shared easily.

MQFF on the web:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mqfftube

Web: www.mqff.com.au

Twitter: @GrantScicluna

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