The Family Closet is a crime drama created by Nicola Centonze.

Filmed in Paris, The Family Closet is suspense drama filled with secrets and lies. Two brothers, Kyle and James, are kidnaped and forced to face their past. However some secrets should be taken to the grave.

The self-funded series, created by Nicola Centonze, was inspired by a number of TV shows from all around the world. Centonze hopes audiences will find enjoyment in watching The Family Closet but he also wants them to take away the notion that you cannot escape your past.


What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome in production?

Shooting the fight scene between James and two other men was challenging as it took place in such a small place. For this scene I had to shoot almost against the wall because the room was very small and I was so close to the actors. Everyone was so afraid to hurt each other (with the knife) that they forgot about me behind the camera and I took a kick on my head.


Why make a web series?

Web series are accessible to everybody. As in a short film, you can make it without big money and you can reach a large group of people. I thought it was the first step toward shooting TV shows, but with the development of web media, in my opinion, the web series is becoming the “little sister” of TV shows.

I am so glad I managed to go through with this project. At the start it was a web series without much money behind it and an uncertain future just a group of friends working together. They gave me their best even though most of them are not in the industry. I am proud of what we have accomplished and especially that it has brought us to this festival. I learned a lot about myself creating the series but if people enjoy watching The Family Closet that will be the biggest satisfaction.

The Family Closet on the web:



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