Created by Stupid Old Studios and Jonathan Schuster, Bulk Billing with Jonathan Schuster is a comedy web series that dives into awkward medical problems and awkward ways of receiving treatment.

The team says that they were inspired to turn this idea into a web series, after they had written one sketch set in a doctor’s office, and once they had filmed it they felt there was still a lot more they could do with the setup, so they got in a bunch of different comedians and worked with them to come up with new ideas and keep the series going.

They claim that this is one of the main reasons why people should watch their series, as with different comedians as the doctor in each episode, you never quite know what you’re going to get.


What do you want people to take away from your series?

 It’s only supposed to be funny. So laughter. And obviously a better understanding of health and their own bodies. All the medical advice in the series is real and useful.

How do you finance your series?

We made the setup as simple as possible, so there aren’t really any costs beyond our time. Working with what we had was great – our only purchase was a stethoscope for about $12.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome in production?

Laughing too much on set. And getting everyone in the same room at the same time – it’s hard when you’re working for free and everyone is busy.

How do you reach your audience?

We don’t. Actually we would love more views. Having a different comic in each episode was good because it expanded our social reach, but we need more ideas to take it to the next level.

Is it an ongoing project? If so, can you give us some clues about what comes next?

We only planned 10 episodes, but it’s been a lot of fun… We’re not sure. Maybe Jonathan will go into therapy? Or couples counselling? Maybe he will just die from medical negligence. We don’t know yet.

Trivia: please tell us a quirky and/or interesting fact about yourself or team that’s unrelated to your web series.

We all have three nipples.


Bulk Billing with Jonathan Schuster on the web: