Part documentary, part comedy, part “reality-tv puppet show”, this unique web series takes a look at the way people all over the globe connect in the virtual world.

From shocking failures and bizarre revelations to the rare encounters with true love. Tales from tinder uncovers everyday stories from the hugely popular dating app tinder, where strangers (prompted by a variety of motives) arrange to meet. Sometimes the planets align, but more often than not, they crash with spectacular results.

Each episode features real users of tinder who candidly relay their tales of triumph and woe. These stories are transported to a world inhabited by puppets and are acted out in 5 minute webisodes with the candid expression only a puppet could muster.

Tales from Tinder – it’s love with no strings attached.


Why should people watch your series?
Who doesn’t want to see puppets busting moves, making out and generally misbehaving?

How do you go about finding these Tinder tales?
I found a student at Melbourne University who had completed some research on Tinder, so between her research subjects and all of our friends on Tinder, we were able to collect a really diverse range of stories.

How are your own Tinder experiences?
I missed the Tinder boat, I was already in a long term relationship by the time it came along. However, in the interests of “research” we felt it was important that both the producer and I go on Tinder and see what all the fuss is about.

Please tell us a quirky and/or interesting fact about yourself or team that’s unrelated to your web series?
We are an odd mix of puppeteers, reality TV producers, breakfast radio hosts and kids animation directors. We also all enjoy shooting the gross scenes a little too much– anything to do with puppet sex or puppet vomit always gets a lot of careful consideration from the entire crew.

How do you finance your series?
A mixture of self-funding as well as a fabulously talented crew offering their services ridiculous cheap or free.

What’s the magic formula for a successful web series?
The web series that I love watching online all have some kind of addictive quality that sends you back for more, more and more.

What’s special or different about your series?
The mixture of genres. It’s really a blend of documentary, drama, comedy and reality TV. The puppets also give us a very distinct look.

Who designed and made the puppets? How are they made?
Our very talented head puppeteer Mischa Long designed the puppets. He makes them out of a diverse range of materials and we scour op-shops and second hand shops to find the puppets clothing and the props. Mischa probably had the most fun designing the bear that had to spew, we spent a long time getting every single detail right for the projectile vomit scene – occasionally we have a little too much fun on set.

How many people worked on this project?
We had a huge (and incredibly dedicated team) there are 15 of us– including my mum who wrote the music.


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