What lengths would you go to in the name of scientific progression?

Created by Michelle Nash, this 5 part series tells the real stories of five scientists who quite literally risked life and limb to put their theories to the test for the benefit —or detriment— of science.

The fully animated series brings history to life in sometimes horrifying, but always interesting ways. When asked if she would ever sacrifice herself in the name of science, Michelle says “no way”.

There are a number of science based education web-series out there already, but sacrificed finds an interesting niche within that area, what inspired you to create a series like this?
I read an article about a modern woman who used herself as guinea pig for an experiment, which inspired me to look into the subject. I found quickly that there have been quite a few people who have sacrificed themselves in the name of science! We wanted to showcase a handful of these most visual stories – the last episode we did was based on that initial story I read that inspired the whole series.

Animation is a time consuming process, how long did it take you to produce the series?
The videos took approximately 2-3 weeks per episode to create.

Are there any other “sacrificed” stories that you came across that didn’t make the final cut? Could you tell us about one briefly if there is?
Yes, there were a lot. There was a scientist who went inside an active volcano to study the atmosphere.

Some of these discoveries were made a few centuries ago, how did you come across them and how much research went into it?
We consulted medical journals, and archival newspapers. A great deal of research went into these to ensure accuracy!

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome making the series?
Crafting the format and story lines were the most challenging, but once we had the first episode locked – moving forward with the rest of the series was much easier.

What’s your background as a content creator? And how did you approach the series differently to previous projects?
My background is a little all over the place. I got my start in scripted shorts coming out of Film school at NYU. Then I decided to go to law school and got lost in that for 3 years, but luckily found my way back to content, but this time creating documentary, non-fiction pieces. My path allowed me creatively to think beyond scripted content and about real people and their stories.

How did you finance your series?
Fusion – a digital media company – financed the series.

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