Meet your worst nightmare – a broken heart, and the new guy. Add a creepy neighbour who happens to be hacking every webcam in the building, and you’ll get the series BERTRAND.

Directed by Guillaume Cremonese and Produced by Françoise Fluet and Hervé Ruet, the 2016 comedy has already been featured at 10 other WebFests around the globe – Vancouver, Seattle, Miami, Rio, Rome, London….just to name a few.

With over 10 episodes of glorious viewing habits, the life of Bertrand is one complete mess you won’t want to miss out on.

What inspired your web series?
The capacity of social network to create illusions in life.

Do you feel like technology and social networking is taking control of peoples lives, and is something you wanted to showcase in BERTRAND?
Yes, the idea was to show how far can Bertrand, a young guy, is able to go to stay secretly tuned with his ex- girlfriend. Magalie thinks she’s living a peaceful break, but in fact, she’s 100% under control.

What did you want to achieve in creating this series?
We tried to make a rom-com 2.0.

What do you want your audience to take away from this series?
To be frustrated!!! And praise for season 2 to be released! No seriously, if the audience have fun first, it’s really ok. Then, if the audience could feel how social medias create an illusion, it’s important too.

What is unique about your series?
The treatment of the different screens, the quality of acting, directing and script.

What advice would you give aspiring creators?
Above all, we had a tremendous team of authors, so we started with a very good script. Technically, we didn’t face technical issues as we filmed first all the images to be broadcast in the different screens. In that particular case, the only advice we can give to aspiring web series creators is to start shooting with a very definitive script. Not before…

And just go for it!

What was your release strategy?
The series has been broadcast on Arte Creative and on YouTube. We are looking for an international broadcaster on different networks. Participating in festivals is useful for this.

What was your target audience and how did you build a relationship with them?
Young adults – we have communicated on Facebook & Twitter.



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