Orazio’s Clan tells the story of three gypsy vampires who have sworn off human blood. That is, until they discover a mysterious young woman who tempts their carnal desires. Chaos and adventure ensues when they realise they aren’t the only ones interested in her.

Directed by Riccardo Bernasconi and Francesca Reverdito, this award-winning series brings a fresh and comedic twist to the classic tale of these blood-sucking creatures.

What inspired your web series?
The fact that most people identify vampires with Dracula and the characteristics and lifestyle (or undead style) he has in the novel. Even though vampires come from fantasy and therefore aren’t real, when you depict them in your own way, people comment: “this is not what vampires are like” and this makes us laugh.

Why did you choose web series as your format?
For us, it was a step forward from short movies towards making a feature movie.

The vampires in your series are different from Hollywood vampires. How did you approach the style and characteristics of your vampires?
We always like marginal characters, people who live at the border of society and have always found gypsies fascinating. We decided to mix these two genres together and create our own world.

What are the challenges you came across making your series and how did you overcome them?
This is our biggest production so far. We shot during two weeks in summer 2016 and did all the organisation ourselves. Sometimes, this was a bit overwhelming but on the whole it was a positive experience.

What did you want to achieve in creating this series?
We wanted to achieve enjoyable characters, real relationships and positive feelings for those who watch.

What advice would you give to emerging creators?
Make films, try different ways to tell your stories and make mistakes while trying.