How awkward would it be if tinder messages were said in real life?

In this Melbourne made web series  creator/actress Holly Hargreaves acts out Tinder conversation’s in real life, proving to be both awkward, daring and utterly hilarious.

What did you want to achieve in creating this series?
Just to shine a comedic light on how crazy people talk to each other through Tinder messages. There’s no way you’d speak to someone like that in real life.

Was the series inspired by personal experiences?
Yeah of course. I was on Tinder for 2 weeks and thought it was hilarious/ gross and I knew it could be a funny series.

How did you choose the platform you released the series on?
Youtube was a no brainer. But there’s so much content on Youtube so I also released it on our Facebook page and that gets more views than on Youtube.

How did you approach the marketing of your series?
I submit to as many festivals as I can. It has had a healthy festival run and I’m stoked the series is playing at Melbourne Webfest. The more festivals we make, the more eyes on the series. I also try to post regularly on our Facebook page.

What was your experience with web series before creating your own?
I started watching a lot and at the time I was making short films and wanted to give web series a go. I started by making my first called ‘For Actors’ which is a sketch comedy about the struggles of acting, using random things as metaphors, which was nominated for Best Comedy at Miami webfest. Then I made Real Tinder Convos. I’m now obsessed with making web series and am currently making an animated comedy series called ‘Poppy the Elephant’ which will be released in 2018.

What was the reasoning behind filming the conversations in the particular style chosen? Was it intended to express the format of tinder conversations?
The series is a mix of real life tinder messages and improv/ written (Actor/ Writer Jackson Tozer wrote the second series) The series is intended to show how ridiculous and rude people are on Tinder. The shit that is said! There’s no way you would say that to someone’s face. It’s funny and disturbing how gross people are. It makes for good content for a series though. So thanks Tinder.

Why did you choose web series as your format?
It just fitted the style better, rather than a short film. Plus I love webseries. They are easy to consume.

What are the challenges you came across when making your series and how did you overcome them?
We shot the whole series in under 4 hours in my apartment courtyard and I worked with mostly my actor friends who are both talented and reliable. It was a smooth shoot.

What advice would you give to emerging creators?
Just to go for it. Make that weird series about your cat living in a green gumboot idea that you’ve had in your head for 2 years. Don’t care what people might say and don’t over- think it! I try to make pretty much every idea I ever have because if I don’t, that idea could have been my breakout. Don’t let fear of failure stop you.