2019 Festival • 18 – 21 july

The seventh annual Melbourne WebFest celebrated the future of storytelling. Over the course of four days, we experienced the best in digital series entertainment from around the globe. From industry panels, development workshops, keynotes, web series screenings, networking opportunities and a live pitching competition with ABC iview, Melbourne WebFest 2019 was an incredible experience. 

2019 Program launch


  • Super Science Friends (USA)
  • Stepmates (AUS)
  • Bonnie The Elephant (AUS)
  • Fast Heroes Sixty (DEU)
  • Kimchi Warrior (KOR)
  • The Twist (AUS)
Australian Comedy
  • Antisocial

  • For a Good Cause

  • Fresh!

  • Glennridge Secondary College

  • How To Know If You’re Dating A Narcissist

  • Lucy & DiC

  • Over And Out

  • Resting Pitch Face

  • What Could Go Wrong?

  • Internment

  • The Housemate

  • Feedback

  • The Drop Off – Series Two

  • Single Ladies

Australian Drama
  • Cloudy River

  • Dee-Brief

  • Flunk

  • Lift

  • Skinford Chapter Two

  • Wrong Kind of Black

  • Last Breath

  • Life Of Jess

International Comedy
  • Abracadavers (CAN)
  • Adulthood (Season 2) (CAN)
  • Boldiouk & Bradock (BEL)
  • DXYZ (KOR)
  • Georges Is Dead (Georges est mort) (CAN)
  • Involontario (ITA)
  • Yasmina & Rim (Yasmina et Rim) (FRA)
  • We are Peaceful Brothers (KOR)
  • Subject: Dad (NZ)
International Drama
  • Alibi (NZ)
  • Ao-terror-oa (NZ)
  • Blackout (CAN)
  • Boca Norte (ESP)
  • Caterpillars’ Times S2 (Les temps des chenilles) (CAN)
  • Germain’s Shutdown (Germain s’éteint.) (CAN)
  • Indictus: The Land Is No One’s (ITA)
  • Public Writer – Season 2 (CAN)
  • Subverse (USA)
  • Terreur 404 – Season 2 (CAN)
  • Wild Season (Anos Radicais) (BRA)
  • Welcome to Daisyland (USA)
  • Wind Bell (KOR)
Australian Non-Fiction
  • A Dog Act
  • Lessons from a Middle Class Artist
  • Stories of Bike: Season 3
  • Tasmanian Ghost Town Project
  • The Streets Barber Stories
  • Unboxed
  • Women of the Island
  • That Startup Show

International Non-Fiction
  • Crips in Cars (NZ)

  • Bastards (BEU)

  • Jessica’s Tree (NZ)

  • Life Underground (FRA)

  • Misadventures (NZ)

  • Seen & Heard (CAN)


International Spotlight
  • Big Room (KOR)
  • Pillow Talk (ISR)
  • Shangri-LA (USA)
  • Sound of Love S2 (BRA)
  • Who You Are (USA)
  • Otsoen Lurraldean (In the Land of the Wolves) (ESP)
  • Dreaming Whilst Black (GBR)
  • Sui Generis: NZ (NZ)
  • Weaving Rainbows – ASIA STANLEY (NZ)
  • Vieux Jeu (CAN)
Australian Spotlight
  • Gocsy’s Classics

  • The Oxford Circus

  • BC Explained

  • The Holiest One

  • Get Real Estate

  • Askaran

  • The Big Spaghetti

  • Ding Dong I’m Gay

  • Monkey Monkey Shake Shake

  • Real Melbourne

Student series
  • Avenoir (AUS)
  • Einfach Maria (DEU)
  • Gut Feeling (AUS)
  • Hanshi Charlie – A Fighters Journey (CHE)
  • Interface (AUS)
  • Learning With Difficulties: Limbo (AUS)
  • Hungry Bytes – Food Gets Digital (CHE)
  • The Deep End (AUS)
  • Touched Off (AUS)
  • UnReal (AUS)


Best Cinematography
  • Tasmanian Ghost Town Project Connor Nierfeld
  • Stories of Bike: Season 3 Cam Elkins

  • Life Underground Herve Cohen

  • Abracadavers Josef Aaron Wright

  • Skinford Chapter Two Kieran Fowler

  • Bastards. Clars Tille Berger, Laura Fischer, Marco Eisenbarth

  • Flunk Ric Forster

  • Misadventures Tom Reed

Best Directing
  • Alibi David De Lautour
  • Germain’s Shutdown (Germain s’éteint.) Daniel Abraham & Pierre-Alexandre Girard

  • Jessica’s Tree Jazz Thornton

  • Over and Out Connor Van Vuuren

  • Caterpillars’ Times Season 2 (Les temps des chenilles) Catherine White

  • Lucy & DiC Jeremy Kelly-Bakker

  • Flunk Ric Forster

  • Terreur 404 – Season 2 Sebastien Diaz

Best Lead Actor or Ensemble
  • Germain’s Shutdown (Germain s’éteint.) Marc-Andre Coallier

  • Glennridge Secondary College Marc Bonanno, Broden Kelly & Zach Ruane

  • Wrong Kind of Black Clarence Ryan

  • Georges Is Dead (Georges est mort) Simon Larouche

  • Lift Lucy Durack & Duncan Ragg

  • Public Writer – Season 2 Emmanuel Schwartz

  • Alibi Joel Tobeck, Xavier Horan, Melanie Vallejo, Fasitua Amosa, Lindsay Daniels & Dyan Poihipi

  • How to Know if You’re Dating a Narcissist Kristy Best

Best Production Design
  • Over and Out Carlo Crescini
  • Welcome to Daisyland Eric Palmer

  • Indictus: The Land is No Ones Fabio Boasi, Alessio Boasi & Marianna Lo Pizzo

  • Wrong Kind of Black Ruby Mathers

  • DXYZ Jingwon Kim

  • Abracadavers Kenya Weaver & Rachel Haugan

  • Boldiouk & Bradock Thomas Delord

  • How to Know if You’re Dating a Narcissist Kristy Best

Best Original Score
  • Welcome to Daisyland The Dead Daisies

  • Alibi Mike Newport

  • DXYZ Taewoo Kim

  • Lessons From a Middle Class Artist Matt Farley

  • Fast Heroes Sixty Stephan Schelens & Patrick Puszko

  • Women of the Island Catherine Joy, Jacqueline Collyer, Tiff Norchick, Nick Storr

  • Stories of Bike: Season 3 Jack Elkins

  • Boca Norte Joan Vilà

Best Sound Design
  • Ao-terror-oa Kahra Scott-James
  • Boldiouk & Bradock Luis Trinques

  • Over and Out Emma Bortignon

  • Stepmates Pete Corrigan

  • Super Science Friends

  • Welcome to Daisyland Michael Weinstein

  • The Twist David Perry

  • Subverse Henry Flewitt & James Hepher

Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble
  • Lucy & DiC Ethan Marrell
  • Boldiouk & Bradock Alexandre Herault

  • Caterpillars’ Times Season 2 (Les temps des chenilles) Sophia Belahmer

  • Fresh! Shrut Parmar

  • Lift Mark Coles Smith

  • Georges Is Dead (Georges est mort) Fanny Rainville

  • SCRIBBLES Jeane Reveendran

  • Life of Jess Yasmin Honeychurch

Best Visual/Special Effects
  • Lucy & DiC Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
  • Skinford Chapter Two Mirage VFX & Whiteside VFX

  • Antisocial Marc Gallagher

  • What Could Go Wrong? Aleck Morton

  • Ao-terror-oa

  • Boldiouk & Bradock Michiel Blanchart

  • Over and Out Benjamin Zaugg

  • Terreur 404 – Season 2 Bruno Gatien

Best Editing
  • What Could Go Wrong? Aleck Morton

  • Life Underground Bertrand Sart, Yeelen Cohen

  • Subverse Joseph White

  • Blackout Kyle Power

  • DXYZ Doroomuk

  • Jessica’s Tree Julie Alp & Margot Francis

  • Skinford Chapter Two Kent Hau

  • For a Good Cause Matthew Sawyer

Best Screenplay
  • Alibi Hannah Marshall & David De Lautour

  • Public Writer – Season 2 Eric Piccoli & Michel Duchesne

  • Lift Lucy Durack, Jess Murray & Leon Murray

  • The Twist Peter Butt

  • Germain’s Shutdown (Germain s’éteint.) Marie-Josee Ouellet, Christine Doyon

  • Skinford Chapter Two Nik Kacevski

  • Georges Is Dead (Georges est mort) Sarah Pellerin

  • For a Good Cause Tony Walsh

Grand Jury Award
    The winner of the Grand Jury Award will receive a $1,500 cash prize.
Michael Ajakwe Jr Lifetime Achievement Award

Achievement award to embody the spirit or someone in the industry doing rad things. Ambassadors for the web series community.

This award is presented to person(s) who embody the spirit of Michael Ajakwe Jr, a pioneer in the web series industry. Michael founded LAWEBFEST, Melbourne WebFest’s sister festival and attended the Melbourne WebFest twice. 

Ruby Tickets to partner festivals
  • The Ruby Tickets are awarded to series that will be picked for direct entry to our partner festivals in Marseille, Seoul, Rome, Berlin, Rio, Sicily and New Zealand

All award winners receive an exclusively designed and handmade trophy.