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Melbourne Webfest


Ramzi Nabulsi


Ramzi was a producer, writer and director for the awardwinning program ‘Salam Cafe’ initially screened on Channel 31 then later produced for SBS. During that production Ramzi also completed his Masters in Film and Television at the Victorian College of Arts. Ramzi taught film production at SAE in Amman, Jordan. Where he continued working in the short film and corporate video industry.’

Claire Tonti

Co-founder Planet Broadcasting

Claire is a capable public speaker, interviewer, community builder and collaborator who began her career as a primary school teacher and worked as an ESL teacher and in remote community schools. It is through these settings that Claire found a special interest in developing a student’s emotional well-being through creativity and the arts. Co-founding media company Planet Broadcasting with her partner James Clement in 2015, Claire began innovative work monetising podcasts and YouTube content for the highly successful Mr Sunday Movies YouTube channel. Experienced in audio production and delivering content Claire grew her company to be one of the largest independent YouTube and podcast networks in Australia. Now she hosts two podcasts, including the award-winning arts and culture recommendations show Suggestible and TONTS interviewing writers, experts, thinkers and deeply feeling humans about their stories. Claire is in awe of the talent displayed through this year’s Melbourne Webfest. 

Patrick Kelly

Senior Lecturer, RMIT University

Dr. Patrick Kelly is a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University’s School of Media & Communication. He is a filmmaker, media producer and artist, and has served as a Co-Director of Critical Animals creative research symposium and exhibition, as part of This Is Not Art festival. His screen works have been exhibited by The Lock Up Gallery and MARS Gallery, and at international film festivals, such as the Canada International Film Festival, Queensland New Filmmakers Awards, Tropical Alternative Film Festival, Sightlines: Screen Production in the Academy, and the International iPod Film Festival. 

Andy Cifuentes


Andy is a short story fiction writer, film director and producer with a passion for travelling around the world. He has studied a BA degree in Filmmaking at U de Cuenca and an MA degree in Media at RMIT in Ecuador, and is currently undertaking an MBA degree. Andy has written and directed two web-series: Santa Dictadura (2009) and Seguros Anónimos S.A (2011) and produced music videos for wellknown groups in Ecuador. Now he judges national and micro film contests with the most recent achieving 120K views, with more than 50 participants from 20 different cities.

Andy Buckley-Jones

Writer, director, producer

Andy studied at JMC Academy from 2013 – 2015, and then at RMIT undertaking a Masters of Media in Audio Engineering and Sound Production from 2015 – 2017. He is currently a video editor and Creative Manager for a production company, travelling across Australia and filming for touring/adventure television shows. With a passion for all things-post production, Andy appreciates quality sound design and great storytelling.     

Lilith Lane

Creative Industries lecturer

Lilith is a Creative Industries lecturer, sound engineer, song-writer and producer who has written music for film and advertising. Under her own name, Lilith has released 3 full solo band albums of piano and guitar-based tracks and released under the moniker Baxter Avalon’, a synth-pop songwriting project. With extensive experience in sound engineering Lilith has been an in-house engineer at Newmarket and Rollingstock Recording Rooms; she currently teaches at Box Hill Institute as an audio lecturer.  

Gendhy Dwi Harlyan


Gendhy Dwi Harlyan is an audiovisual artist, lecturer and educator from Riau, Indonesia. He studied a Master of Arts in Film, Cinema, Video Studies at Institut Kesenian in Jakarta, and a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Visual Communications at Universitas Negeri Malang. Gendhy has taught for 11 years as a lecturer in film, video and sound at Politeknik Batam and holds an Adobe Creative Educator Certificate.  

James Thompson


James is a student-focused lecturer and instructor with 12 years teaching experience in undergraduate courses in cinema studies, media studies and film production including RMIT University, Monash University and SAE Creative Institute as a Film Department Coordinator. He is committed to delivering an exceptional student experience along with high level student engagement and educational outcomes. As a hands-on producer, director, writer, and editor, James has exhibited work in film festivals across the globe and publications in major international academic journals passing peer review. 

Nelya Valamanesh

Narrative Artist

Nelya is a narrative artist who has developed and produced works on multiple platforms. Her experience ranges from producing and hosting NeoVoices on Radio Adelaide, to working on MRC funded short films, writing, producing and directing her own short films and music videos. During Nelya’s Bachelor of English and Creative Writing degree at UniSA, she worked on a Post Grad project which crossed the gap between live performing arts and virtual reality. This was chosen to travel to Malaysia as a part of the New Columbo Plan to write poetry and connect with local students, and has several creative pieces displayed in Exhibitions and University publications. Nelya’s vision through all her creative avenues has been to speak her truth as a proud Persian/Australian woman and be an ally to many unspoken voices of colour in Australia’s film and theatre industries. 

Nazeem Hussain

TV personality

Nazeem Hussian is a Television and Radio personality, Comedian and Writer starring in comedy series, stage performances and podcasts. Nazeem’s first comedy podcast Burn Your Passport won iTunes Best Comedy Podcast of 2016 and is ranked in the 20 most listened to podcasts in Australia. In 2020 he launched his latest podcast Survivor’s Guide to Corona Virus, teaming up with some of Australia’s most loved comedians, entertainers and personalities. In 2018, Nazeem’s prime time TV comedy series ‘Orange Is The New Brown’ aired on Channel 7 that he both created and starred in. Among his greatest achievements includes 2019 Netflix Special Nazeem Hussain: Public Frenemy that featured at the Just for Laughs Festival. This year Nazeem’s touring show Hussain That?, sold out nationally 

Hamish Leslie Kelly

Producer, videographer

Hamish Leslie-Kelly has been working in screen and broadcast for over ten years, with many personal projects that he has developed on the side. Graduating from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Hamish immediately succeeded in television and now works as a videographer, editor and 2nd Assistant Camera. Currently, he focuses on Producing; one of his primary passions and looks forward to seeing what the next generation of screen story-tellers can amaze us with 

Liam Connolly

Creative Practitioner

Like many of his peers in this space, Liam has travelled the tried-and-true journey of freelance videographer/graphic designer/web designer/one-person-band, as well as corporate video producer, and of course, shot a wedding or two (or twenty).
With over a decade of experience managing, producing and directing adventure lifestyle TV productions, Liam understands the amount of talent, commitment and passion that goes into crafting the kind of quality storytelling that this years’ MWF offerings exhibit. He is thoroughly impressed by the proficiency, creativity, inclusivity, and excellence that the nominated filmmakers have brought to the table.