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Melbourne WebFest is Australia’s international web series festival. MWF was the fourth festival of its kind in the world, and remains the biggest celebration of web series in Australia. The festival honours innovative digital creators, cast and crew, presenting over 25 + awards to entrants and has featured series from over 20 countries since conception. 

Melbourne WebFest was founded in 2013 to celebrate web series as an emerging and entrepreneurial medium within the screen ecology, a disruptive and innovative way to engage audiences, and a burgeoning career platform for creators. Today, digital series creators continue to drive the storytelling revolution, as web-based platforms and networks are becoming the norm for audiences in consuming content.  

Melbourne WebFest provides a space for professional development that nurtures emerging artists, early-mid careers as well as established screen producers. We additionally present and represent a diversity that is often overlooked in mainstream media. We promote accessible content and create opportunities for new and established artists to showcase their work, to grow creatively and commercially, and we curate a program for the general public to experience the best new works and ideas in the digital series space. 

Over the course of the four day interactive festival, Melbourne WebFest holds industry panels, development workshops, keynotes, web series screenings, networking opportunities, and a pitching competition.

Team Members


Shows Submitted

Years Running


Genre awards

Best Australian Comedy
Best Australian Drama
Best Australian Non-Fiction
Best International Drama
Best International Comedy
Best International Non-Fiction
Best Animation

Talent and technical Awards

Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Leading Actor or Ensemble
Best Original Score
Best Production Design
Best Screenplay
Best Sound Design
Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble
Best Visual/Special Effects

Other awards

Best of Spotlight (Australian and international series produced for less than $50,000)
Best Student series
Crowd Favourite (decided by attendees at Melbourne WebFest)
Outstanding Diversity Award
Pitch iview
Grand Jury Award
Michael Ajakwe Jr Lifetime Achievement

Ruby Tickets to partner festivals

The Ruby Tickets are awarded to series that will be picked for direct entry to our partner festivals in Marseille, Seoul, Rome, Berlin, Rio and Sicily, Toronto and New Zealand.

All award winners receive an exclusively designed and handmade trophy.


About Us

Alexander Hipwell

Festival Director

Alexander has been a integral part of Melbourne WebFest since its conception. Lecturer in RMIT’s Master of Media course, Alex has a strong background in web series and creating content tailored for the web, exploring and researching in the space for the last 8 years. Sick of filming dry corporate videos, he decided to create the web series “Flat Whites” with the help of his colleagues, launching a new episode every week for a year. He has worked on multiple award winning web series in Australia and LA. Most recently, Alex completed a research project on creating content for viewing on smartphones. 

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Harrison Lawrence

Content Director

Harrison is a broadcast technician, video editor and camera operator. Harrison completed a Bachelor of Media at La Trobe University and began working alongside the festival in 2015. Outside of MWF, Harrison works for various broadcasters performing roles such as camera, replay operator and technical director. Apart from video production, Harrison’s interests include the usual television, movies, extreme metal, cringe worthy humour and coffee, often all at the same time. 

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Kristen Settinelli

Engagement Manager

Kristen Settinelli is a proactive and driven individual working in the Australian media and communications industry. A strong advocate for freedom of expression in the media, she is devoted to the growth of digital communication and is excited to be a part of the future of broadcast and online content. Kristen is presently engaged in the media and spends her time writing as a freelance journalist and has published works with the AU review, Punkee, Rabelais and UniPollWatch. Kristen has hosted multiple broadcast programs including Channel 31’s Smith Street 86 and SYN 1700. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys a cup of coffee, visiting Loch and Key, debating politics and having a giggle. 

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Susu Najjarin

Content Manager

Susu is very excited to continue her journey with Melbourne WebFest as the Content Manager for 2019. Beginning as an AV intern in 2017, Susu took on the role of AV Coordinator in 2018 and, in 2019, holds the position of Content Manager. Graduating from a Bachelor of Creative Arts in 2017, she hopes to delve deep into the media industry. Being part of the web series community excites her in many ways and she looks forward to watching the digital platform progress in the near future. 

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Max Robins

Audio and Visual Manager

Max Robins is the AV Manager for Melbourne WebFest, providing AV content and solutions for our digital platforms and events. He brings with him an intimate knowledge of dog spotting as well as 6+ years of experience across project management, product design, marketing and AV production. Would like to go time travelling. 


Candace Brereton

Communications & PR Manager

Candace Brereton is the Communications and Public Relations Manager for Melbourne WebFest. She has a keen interest in the digital and creative industries, as evident in her festival involvement since 2016. Her background relays diverse industry experience inclusive of educational, corporate, retail and the arts sector involvement. Candace prides herself on clear-cut messaging and her attention to detail, with a “tell it like it is” attitude that often shines through in her work. Outside of the professional environment (and when she can tear herself away from her laptop), Candace enjoys a well-brewed Melbourne coffee and a wind down on the yoga mat. 

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Lisa Falla

Digitial Coordinator

Lisa is enthusiastic. Having completed her Bachelor of Media and Communications with an internship at Melbourne WebFest in 2018, she has since gone onto infiltrate Endemol Shine, the Cancer Council, La Trobe University and T2.  Latte with one sugar, if you’re buying.


Ishta Saraswati 

Digital Coordinator 

Ishta is a digital communications expert with five years working in the industry. He’s worked on small business campaigns to political campaigns. He loves brands and telling their stories through innovative ways and using up to date industry trends.



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