Meet the Noël clan – a family with interesting paths and even better quests. Now into its third season, a chaotic parade of events isn’t the only thing stopping a family mystery.

Adulthood (S3) (CAN) creator, screenwriter and actor Guillaume Lambert spoke to Melbourne WebFest behind the scenes.

Why did you decide on the web-series format?

On an artistic point of view, I feel the web-series format is as relevant as the short film format. It allows me to push the narrative/genre even further than in my previous short film Life’s a Bitch. The web-series format also allowed me to create a narrative kaleidoscope by developing all the episodes in parallel of one another, in order to address the point of view of each character.

Has the end product strayed far from your initial vision?

The final product is exactly what I envisioned. I greatly appreciated the directorial work of Guillaume Lonergan and the brilliant cast.

What was your greatest challenge creating the series?

An entire episode in season 3 is situated in Senegal. We were able to execute the shoot with a reduced crew. It was a fulfilling experience from both an artistic and human point of view. Our lead actress Sarah-Anne Parent learned the native language (Wolof) which I found quite impressive.

Adulthood (S3) Trailer

What prior experience did you guys have before you started the web-series?

My career in the film industry commenced with short films and independent cinema. I started to refine my artistic signature in 2010.

How important is the message/theme in your series?

Adulthood is a series about the people around us, and the perception we have of them. It embraces the theme of non-judgement of others and appreciation of oneself.

Adulthood (S3)

Adulthood is now into it’s third season. Do you expect the series will continue, and if so, what’s next?

Adulthood was always conceptualized as a three-part series. Therefore, an additional season was never foreseen. This unique web-series/production experience had proven to have a huge impact on my life and career. As a result of Adulthood, I am presently working on my first TV series and my second feature film (Niagara).

This is the second year you’ve been a part of Melbourne WebFest! How would you describe the web series community and how important has it been to your series?

It is a very creative community that does not hesitate to take risks and explore genres to tell stories differently. In Quebec, there is a particularly well developed web-series culture and I’m very proud to be part of it. I deeply appreciate the recognition that I have received via international festivals including the Melbourne WebFest.