The Art of Visual Storytelling

Join Vieux Jeu (CAN), Abracadavers (CAN) & Public Writer (CAN) through their journey through visual storytelling.

Who Run The World? GIRLS!

This year Melbourne WebFest was lucky to be hit with several themes surrounding the complex lives of women. Ride the wave into the world of dating, complications, struggles, drama, mistakes and comedy with Einfach Maria, How To Know If You’re Dating a Narcissist, Bonnie The Elephant & Dee-Brief.

Stories That Turn Into Legends

A legend can be many different things.

Otsoen Lurraldean (In the Land of the Wolves), Indictus: The Land is No Ones, Ao-terror-oa and Terror 404 all highlight the different aspects of a what can make a story into a legend.

Give Love, Feel Love, Be Loved

Melbourne WebFest is proud to show off web series Pillow Talk, Wind Bell, Sound of Love and Involontario, which bring their series to life and make us have all the feels!

Making the Mundane Funny

This year, The Housemate (AUS), The Oxford Circus (AUS), Askaran (AUS) and BC Explained (AUS) prove to us that humour can be found in every nook and cranny of our everyday lives.

The Artistic Journey

The selected Australian non-fiction web series Unboxed (AUS), Lessons from a Middle Class Artist (AUS) and Monkey Monkey Shake Shake (AUS) all take a look at the artistic journey and the stories behind the art made.

The World Needs Superheroes!

Melbourne WebFest 2019’s superheroes are animated Official Selection web series Kimchi Warrior and Super Science Friends, Intern Michelle Wang writes.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Holiest One (AUS), Shangri-LA (USA), The Big Spaghetti (AUS) and Feedback (AUS) are all a blend of heart-warming characters, lost souls and your next-door neighbours.

Give it up for the ladies!

Females continue to run the world, with Women of The Island (AUS), Resting Pitch Face (AUS) and Single Ladies (AUS) as three Official Spotlight Selections which showcase the magnificent rule of women.

Retelling Stories

Official Selection series Subject: Dad, The Twist, What Could Go Wrong and Last Breath retell personal and intricate stories, capturing a moment in time through the use of creative storytelling, hard-hitting tales and interesting novelty that will catch your undivided attention.