2020 Official Selection: Cypher

Cypher (CAN) parallels the process of musical collaboration with the peer-support method of mental health caregiving.

Joined by award-winning peer support caregiver Asante Haughton, the web series follows conversations with caregivers and premiere Canadian music talents on the front lines of mental health – and together, unpack key challenges and pertinent issues, providing caregiving insights along the way.

2020 Official Selection: Bananas

Bananas is a curious and playful look at growing up between two cultures in Australia’s Sunshine State, Queensland, with particular focus on food and family, presented by two Australian-born Asian friends Rachel Anderson and Mary Duong who are awkward, honest, and warm in equal parts.

2020 Official Selection: Carpark Clubbing

Meet Carpark Clubbing (AUS), a four-episode web series about three young women individually trying to escape their responsibilities by hanging out in the car park of a doughnuts shop, only to fall into a surprising friendship triangle and a series of adventures.

2020 Official Selection: Public Writer (S3)

Public Writer – Season 3 (CAN) co-writer, director and co-producer Eric Piccoli spoke to Melbourne Webfest, sharing with us how the project was a life-changing experience.

After spending years working on Public Writer, season 3 reaches the story’s culmination – Piccoli reflects on his time with the web series and the people who he met along the way.

2020 Official Selection: The Multiverse at 13 Hill Ave

The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave (SGP) writer-director Daniel Yam spoke to Melbourne Webfest to discuss the intricacies involved in making a series that is based in infinite alternate realities.

2020 Spotlight Selection: Right Now

Right Now (GBR) follows Rob, a young British man, who after breaking up with his boyfriend, enters the world of gay online hookups for the first time.

Robert Cawsey, the creator, writer and main actor of Right Now, told Melbourne Webfest about the stylistic choices he made, the taboo around gay sex and his acting experience.

2020 Spotlight Selection: Sworn Frenemies

Esther’s Parisian life is thrown into shambles when Rex, her new American roommate, moves in. The two think they are absolute opposites, but will soon realize they are made of the same criminal cloth.

We spoke with Weetus Cren and Alexandra Guerineaud, Sworn Frenemies (USA) writers, producers and web series actors, about their experience creating the show.

2020 Spotlight Selection: The Last YouTuber

A zombie apocalypse. The end of humankind. For one lonely year, Víctor Domínguez, the last YouTuber on Earth, has been trying to survive along with his two other friends. But one night, the three Millennials realise that they might not be the only survivors when their path crosses the one of a mysterious woman.

Melbourne WebFest spoke to Director and Writer Martín De Benedetti to find out all the ins and outs of the web series.

2020 Spotlight Selection: Exiliados

Exiliados (CAN) is an intimate look into the lives of characters having left their home country to start a new life in the nordic landscape of Quebec.

Producer and director Juan Carlos Garcia, as well as producer and screenwriter Ariel Abrego Gaitan, spoke to Melbourne WebFest about the series.

2020 Spotlight Selection: W.

Bech, Luxembourg. A woman is found in the middle of the forest by the police. She doesn’t know who she is, where she comes from or what she was doing there… But, strangely, she is very knowledgeable, just like a walking Wikipedia.

The 2020 Spotlight Selection web series W. (LUX) will keep you on the edge of your seat with its clever plot and endearing and intriguing characters.

2020 Official Selection: Youth on Strike!

2020 Official Selection: Youth on Strike!

This is the story of how young Aussies defied calls to stay in school and organised one of the largest youth-led movements Australia has ever seen, told by twelve diverse students who vlogged the whole thing.

Director, producer and writer Rob Innes spoke to Melbourne WebFest about the story behind the 150, 000 strong student strike in March 2019, Youth on Strike! (AUS).