Deluxe Motion (S2) (CAN) is a stop motion web series for adults – and disobedient teenagers – featuring five blameworthy characters which push the boundaries of absurdity and rudeness.

Melbourne WebFest spoke to Producer Johannie Deschambault about the progression of Deluxe Motion in its second season.

What inspired the concept behind Deluxe Motion?

The director Mathieu Handfield and his friend Maurice Vadeboncoeur, director of photography, both worked on advertising and corporate projects, but they missed having creative freedom. They wanted to do comedy, something bizarre and outside the box. Initially, they considered animated paperclips and erasers. The idea evolved and started to take shape. The paperclips morphed into marionettes, which provided more latitude. The concept for the series of short sketches and the look also emerged. Mathieu was going towards a really accessible image, mainstream enough to play off the absurdist and sometimes raw humor of the characters. The result: Mouvement Deluxe. Investing our own money and relying on the generosity of our team, we made the pilot. And, three seasons later, here we are!

f40b4eWhat is your favourite aspect of the series that you’d love your audience to know about?

It’s the extent to which, despite the fact that this is a comedy series, there is a full-on machine behind it that makes it possible: eight writers, ten or so people responsible for set design and the puppets, another roughly ten animators (stop motion and 2D). It really takes a big team and a lot of time to make a series in stop motion!

Why did you decide on the web-series format?

From jump street, it was clear to us that this was a web series.. Because of the tone of Deluxe Motion, the way it is written. It’s short, it’s flashy, it’s easily sharable, and it lasts exactly as long as it takes to drop a deuce, so it was a perfect fit for a web series. It’s a series for people with ADD! That’s our public. That’s who we target. Folks who can’t sit still through your typical tv series.

Deluxe Motion (S2) Trailer

What was your greatest challenge creating the series?

Well, it’s a stop motion series. Stop motion takes time, (a single cover shot can easily take a whole day to develop and we film barely one minuet of material a day). It makes production slow and heavy, not exactly what you look for when making a web series (which is usually meant to be lighter production-wise). Did we overcome this challenge? Well… Not really! We just dove into it head first.

This is your second time being a part of the Melbourne WebFest – what has been your favourite part of being in the web series community?

It’s really cool to see how the community has evolved over the years! Three years ago, when our we aired our first season, there were half as many web series and half as many outlets for web series. It’s good to know that the web series medium is recognized more and more and is no longer a sub-category of tv series.

Deluxe Motion (S2)

Which character of the series do you think is the most relatable?

That really changes from one season to the next! In the first season, it was definitely Sally. Her really stupid side and her famous line “My favourite colour is fuck you!” was a real crowd-pleaser. Ha! During Season 2, the Bobby character was by far the series favourite.

If they only took one thing, one message, what would you like the audience to take away from the series?

That you have to be really careful when you put your finger in holes (am I right Season 2 fans!?)