Loner (NZL), is a six-part dramedy love story that observes loneliness and reminds us that the only way things change is through action. Even if it’s as small as taking your friend’s advice and going to a party.

Writer/Director, Lauren Porteous spoke to Melbourne WebFest about turning a house party into an introspective and thoughtful web series.

What personal experiences did you draw upon for the characters of Charlotte and Mel?

Ha what an intimate question. Everything is a tiny insight into some stuff I’ve experienced. I wanted to observe intimately how we can hold ourselves back. Or become closed off in a time when we’re supposed to be uber connected. But we have lifelines around us like friends and special moments.

Who do you identify more with, Charlotte or Mel?

I like them both coz I see nothing wrong with Charlotte wanting her own company but love Mel’s motivation in life.

What were some of your biggest inspirations for this story?

Hip hop music, parties, friends, New York City. I was lucky enough to spend some time there and Loner was written in Brooklyn originally. I’m based in Auckland and apartment living is now developing. It’s meant to be an urban love story, with all our lives crammed together but it’s hard for us to be close.

Loner Trailer

What is your favourite part of the series?

Visually the part when Charlotte thinks she sees Noah kiss Louise. But in my feels, the part when he turns up at her door.

What was your greatest challenge creating the series?

The party scene. I think 20 friends for players and only 4 people behind the camera. One night of hard amazing work from everyone involved.

Overall, how long have you been working on your series?

Almost two years. I wrote it and spent time in pre-production. The shoot was a few days and then post-production took some time till we could start submitting and got lucky to be in your festival.

Why did you decide on the web-series format?

I’m a huge fan of episodic and how you can re-shape that format. Loner is told like a book. It’s six snack-size chapters you can watch separately but told together they tell the story of one night at a party. The next season is the same format with a new story.