Teatro x WIFI is a collective creation in which actors, audio-visual professionals, producers, directors and writers work together and participate in all the stages and development of a production.

This is the spirit of the series.

The series is created by Damian Valgiusti, Alejandro Chaluat, Paua Magnani, Lucila Presa, Agustin Kazah, and Patricio Costo.

It is filmed in La Mueca, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Teatro X Wifi is a Spanish comedy about an experienced drama instructor teaching the art of acting over a webcam to very inexperienced students.



What inspired your series?
The inspiration for our series comes from everything that can be done online. Also, the work of a Latin American drama professor that had the same idea. The difference is that he tried to do it seriously.


How do you finance your series? We finance the series with the support of “Bienal arte joven de Buenos Aires”


What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome in production?
To achieve fresh material working with improvisation and within our production timeline.


How do you reach your audience?
Mostly through the internet and a few live events.


Why make a web series?
It was a spontaneous idea that just took off with us. I think we feel that now days it is easier to reach the public via the web.


Facebook: facebook.com/Teatro x Wifi

Website: www.teatroxwifi.com.ar, www.rueguetfilms.com.ar

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teatroxwifi