bastards (deu)

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BASTARDS. is a documentary series that follows the German wrestling tag team ‘Pretty Bastards’ as they make their way through the independent wrestling circuit.

Maggot and Prince Ahura. Two characters that couldn’t be any more different and still have much more in common than wrestling.

Meet the Bastard Sons of Wrestling!

  • Best International Non Fiction
  • Best Cinematography – Clars Tille Berger, Laura Fischer, Marco Eisenbarth

Cinematographer: Clars Tille Berger, Laura Fischer, Marco Eisenbarth
Editor: Marco Eisenbarth
Composer: Merry Ellen Kirk, Ben Kampert
Production Designer: Marco Eisenbarth
Sound Designer: Stephan Zimmermann
Supporting Cast: Aaron Insane, Drake Destroyer, Oliver Carter, Patrik Lehmann
VFX Lead/Team: Christian Stadach, Philipp Heinrich

Director: Marco Eisenbarth
Key Cast: Amir Wittkamp, Aman Khederzadeh