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Our two main characters find themselves in various peculiar situations in which the events that occur develop through dialogue. Situations such as an eye doctor and patient, a master and pupil, a police officer and a driver. Watch as the events unfold into mystery…

  • Best Original Score – Taewoo Kim
  • Best Production Design – Jingwon Kim

  • Best International Comedy
  • Best Editing – Doroomuk

Cinematographer: Gwon Churl
Editor: Doroomuk
Composer: Taewoo Kim
Production Designer: Jin-Gwon Kim
Sound Designer: Woosuk Choi
VFX Lead/Team: Ayoung Ji

Director: Kyunghwan Jin
Writer: Kyeongseop So
Producer: Jin-Gwon Kim
Key Cast: Jian Chae, Seung-Yoon Choi