Fresh! (Aus)

official selection

The staff of a Melbourne fresh food market struggle to keep things professional in a world where businesses are family-run, bargains are bellowed in several languages, and no one gets served without first winning an elbow fight.

  • Best Australian Comedy


  • Best Supporting Actor or Ensemble – Shrut Parmar for the role of ‘Raj’
  • Outstanding Diversity Award

Cinematographer: Sky Davies
Editor: Anthony Cox, Ka-Yin Kwok
Composer: Troy Rogan & Liam Whittaker
Production Designer: Bonnie McKay, Eleanora Steiner
Sound Designer: Brendan Croxon & Nathalie Resciniti
Supporting Cast: Maia Absberg, Olivia Choi, Nyawuda Chuol, Pauline Grace, George Iskander, Adam Hetherington, Rosa Nix, Shrut Parmar, Kevin Summers, Tony Ting
VFX Lead/Team: Felicity Stalph

Director: Elizabeth Fermanis, Bec Peniston-Bird, Simon Trevorrow, Grant Scicluna
Writer: Nikki Tran
Producer: Nikki Tran, Simon Trevorrow