HANSHI CHARLIE – A Fighters Journey (CHe)

Student Series

The Swiss-Austrian jujitsu grandmaster Charlie Lenz has turned martial arts into a way of life for him. Upcoming documentary filmmaker Luis Balthisar Balzer tells his story with a mixture of beautifully made animation sequences and filmed shots. The short is about an outstanding way of life, about how it came to be, relating a story that ranges from a village in Austria to Switzerland, Japan and ultimately to the Mediterranean island of Formentera.

It is the portrait of an extraordinary man who has lived his life passionately and with dedication. His experience at the world’s most rigorous karate school is just as much a part of this biography as are his encounters with Zen masters.

  • Best Student Series

Cinematographer: Luis Balthisar Balzer
Editor: Luis Balthisar Balzer
Composer: Benedek Sulyok
Sound Designer: Luis Balthisar Balzer
VFX Lead/Team: Luis Balthisar Balzer 

Director: Luis Balthisar Balzer
Producer: Luis Balthisar Balzer
Music: Benedek Sulyok
Illustration: Justine Klaiber
Animation: Luis Balthisar Balzer