hungry bytes – food gets digital (che)

Student Series

When dairy cows are transmitting data and the beer is brewed digitally: The project «Hungry bytes – Food gets digital» provides a surprising insight into the rapidly changing world of digital food. In the four-part web series, we visit people whose lives are influenced by digital transformation. We observe, classify and critically question the consequences of these changes for society and our environment.

  • Best Student Series

Cinematographer: Sandhya Mirajkar & Jessica Reust
Editor: Sandhya Mirajkar & Jessica Reust
Composer: Jakob Schneider
Production Designer: Sandhya Mirajkar & Jessica Reust
Sound Designer: Jakob Schneider
Supporting Cast: Stefan Brunner, Fabian Fuchs, Patrick Honauer, Reto Widmer, Thomas Brunner, Sabrina Stierli, Reto Lampart, Christian Ritter, Pirmin Schönbächler, Stefan Muff
VFX Lead/Team: Sandhya Mirajkar & Jessica Reust

Authors, Directors, Producers: Sandhya Mirajkar, Jessica Reust
Music: Jakob Schneider
Mentors: Torben Jacobsen, Nicholas Schärer
Protagonists: Stefan Muff, Thomas Brunner, Pirmin Schönbächler, Stefan Brunner, Reto Lampart, Reto Widmer, Patrick Honauer, Sabrina Stierli, Fabian Fuchs, Christian Ritter