involontario (ITA)

official selection

“Ettore, new graduate in Literature who works as a postman on a bike, must deliver an envelope to a doctor of the National Cancer Institute. In the hospital elevator he meets Giulia and immediately falls in love. In the hospital corridors he discovers also “Special Stage”, a musical contest set right in the corridor of the department where Giulia works. To try to conquer it Ettore suddenly volunteers for “Special Stage” …

  • Best International Comedy

Cinematography & Post Production: Andrea Sanna
Editing: Marco Argiolas
Press office: Daccapo Creative Agency
Supporting cast: Dario Brunori, Paolo Ruffini, Melissa Greta Marchetto, Federico Russo, Roberto Dellera
Director of Photography: Giovanni Cavallini

Director: La Buoncostume Production
Executive Producer: Giulio Mantella, Simona Fabrizi
Executive Director: Ugo Vivone
Writer: Sergio Spaccavento
Key Cast: Francesco Meola, Giulia Penna, Loris Fabiani, Giuseppe Scoditti, Marco Maccarini. Eleonora Giovanardi