last breath (Aus)

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A web series inspired by the stories of real Australian women executed or imprisoned for life for murder. 
Set in a grim waiting cell with just a chair, Last Breath is about the moment before each character is either brought to the gallows or about to be brought back into the court for sentencing. They are in that limbo world, that moment of breath before everything changes.

  • Best Australian Drama
  • Ruby Ticket Award Winner – NZ WebFest


Cinematographer: Laura Jane Turner
Editor: Laura Jane Turner
Composer: Matthew Shaw
Production Designer: Jennifer Monk, Perri Cummings, Laura Jane Turner, Shanon Kulupach.
Sound Designer: Matthew Shaw


Director: Perri Cummings, Jennifer Monk
Writer: Jennifer Monk, Lisa Dallinger, Constance Washington, Lee McClenaghan, Shanon Kulupach, Eva Justine Torkkola, Kelley Kerr Young, Hannah Davies, Emma Jo McKay
Producer: Jennifer Monk
Key Cast: Lisa Dallinger, Hannah Davies, Emma Jo McKay, Shanon Kulupach, Lee McClenaghan, Kelley Kerr Young, Eva Justine Torkkola, Jennifer Monk