public writer – season 2 (can)

official selection

Mathieu (Emmanuel Schwartz) works as a public writer in a community center in Montreal. Soon he discovers that his role is much more about humans than literature : he must first listen and then find the words to console his touching customers (Sandrine Bisson, Denis Houle, Johanne Fontaine, Louise Bombardier). In the midst of austerity, the survival of the center is threatened more than ever since its grant has not been renewed. As if that was not enough, a real estate developer wants to buy the building, tore it down and build brand new condos. How to survive in a world where what’s trending is the ‘’me, myself & I’’ and where the gap between the poorest and the richest makes no sense? This is the fight that Mathieu tries to lead everyday in the company of his associates from the center, Sophie (Ève Duranceau) and Hautcoeur (Luc Senay).

  • Best International Drama
  • Best Lead Actor or Ensemble – Emmanuel Schwartz
  • Best Screenplay – Eric Piccoli, Michel Duchesne

Cinematographer: Philippe St-Gelais
Editor: Eric Piccoli
Composer: Joseph Marchand
Production Designer: Marie-Pier Fortier
Sound Designer: Jean-Philippe Goyette
Supporting Cast: Ève Durance, Luc Senay, Sandrine Bisson, Denis Houle, Simone Marchand, Ariane Castellanos, Louise Bombardier, Roberto Mei, Raphaël Lacaille

Director: Eric Piccoli
Writer: Eric Piccoli, Michel Duchesne
Producer: Eric Piccoli, Marco Frascarelli, Philippe-A. Allard, Félix Rose
Key Cast: Emmanuel Schwartz, Ève Duranceau, Luc Senay, Sandrine Bisson, Denis Houle, Simone Marchand