tasmanian ghost town project (AUS)

official selection

The West Coast of Tasmania, an unforgiving landscape with hidden beauty seemingly forgotten. The dreary rain-soaked persona of the landscape dresses in grey/blue filter, contrasted by its colourful inhabitants and a once vibrant community. Uncovering a people familiarised with loss and neglect. Collecting small stories the Project finds itself travelling on a journey through time, between those townships still breathing, and those that lay still.

  • Best Australian Non Fiction
  • Best Cinematography – Connor Nierfeld

Cinematographer: Connor Nierfeld
Editor: Tabea Hannappel
Composer: Daniel Bunting, Ethan Warren
Production Designer: Emma Blakey
Sound Designer: Clay Schreiber

Director: Dennis Samuelsson
Writer: Dennis Samuelsson, Gabbrielle Warren
Producer: Gabbrielle Warren