the oxford circus (AUS)

australian spotlight

In a perhaps idealistic effort to shame the government for the now-notorious Lockout Laws, young film-maker Eleanor leads her team in the creation of a groundbreaking documentary that studies Sydney’s nightlife in the present day. Little does she know that the first bar they are to visit is run by highly-eccentric vampires and staffed by colourfully-insane humans; and soon enough, Eleanor and her crew are drawn into the chaos that is The Oxford Circus.

  • Best Australian Spotlight

Cinematographer: Paul D’Indy
Editor: Jamie Murray and Viktor Jonsson
Production Designer: Danielle Cary, Matt De Hass
Sound Designer: Julian Nassour
Supporting Cast: Billie Scott, David Collins, Eleanore Knox, Josh Solano, Paul Layton, Sam Wallace.

Director: Paul Layton, Viktor Jonsson
Writer: Paul Layton, Matt de Haas
Producer: Paul Layton, Danielle Carey, Matt de Haas
Key Cast: David Collins, Eleanore Knox, Paul Layton, Josh Solano, Billie Scott, Sam Wallace