The Streets barber stories (AUS)

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The Streets Barber Stories is a web series telling personal stories from people who are rarely spoken to or thought about by most in the community. Nasir Sobhani, commonly known as The Streets Barber, goes around Melbourne performing a simple act of charity, by giving those in need a ‘fresh start’ by cutting their hair for free.

Each episode of the series tells the stories of different individual(s) and looks at the unique anecdotes each person is able to offer us. As Nasir creates a human connection with people of all backgrounds, it is within these close moments that his clients feel an openness and willingness to share their personal stories.

The series attempts to convey these unique portraits and capture the character and emotion of these human stories. 

  • Best Australian Non Fiction
  • Ruby Ticket Award Winner – London Short Series Festival

Cinematographer: Vidad Narayan , Bryce McCoy, Alex Wu
Vidad Narayan, Alex Wu
Director: Vidad Narayan, Bryce McCoy