The twist (AUS)

official selection

The Twist is an animated short form documentary series that brings to life some of Australia’s most intriguing true crime stories – complex, real stories with real victims and real perpetrators. 

  • Best Screenplay – Peter Butt
  • Best Sound Design – David Perry
  • Best Animation




Cinematographer: Brendan J Doyle
Editor: Jonathan Martin
Composer: Richard Tamplenizza
Production Designer: Mario Lendvai
Sound Designer: David Perry
Supporting Cast: Bishanya Vincent
VFX Lead/Team: Mario Lendvai, Vanessa St Pier

Director: Brendan J Doyle
Writer: Peter Butt, Andy Muir
Producer: Navid Bahadori
Key Cast: Bishanya Vincent
Illustrator: Mario Lendvai
Animator / Motion Designer: Vanessa St Pier
Executive Producer: Navid Bahadori
Executive Producer: Leo Faber