We are Peaceful Brothers (kor)

Official selection

A not so normal everyday life story of a high schooler who lives with his older brother and his girlfriend.

His older brother is a freelance designer, so he is always at home. But, he somehow started to go out often.
And one day he brought his girlfriend in the house?!
The strange and funny living of three people begins.

The dynamic stories of three people,
‘We are Peaceful Brothers’

  • Best International Comedy

Cinematographer: Seung-ju Lee
Editor: Seung-hee Son, Jong-min Kwon
Composer: Jong-min Kwon
Production Designer: Tae-woong Kim, Ho-jung Hyun
Sound Designer: Jong-min Kwon
Supporting Cast: Jong-min Lee
VFX Lead/Team: WHYNOT MEDIA Design Team

Director: Seung-hee Son
Writer: Sa-rah Kim
Producer: Hyun-Gi Kim
Key Cast: Steve No, Min-kyu Kim, Da-ye Kim, Young-kyu Shin, Che-eun Kim