weaving rainbows – Asia stanley (NZ)

international spotlight

Weaving Rainbows is a mini documentary series on our Pasifika rainbow communities.

Each mini documentary shares an intimate insight into the lives of our LGBTQIA aiga (family) – the joys, the challenges, the celebrations and the negotiations with the world that are involved in day to day living.

These portraits of our diverse communities capture moments of pathos and humour, but more then anything they show the triumph of spirit and the alofa that is shared so widely with this aiga around the Pasifika region.

  • Best International Spotlight

Cinematographer: Hayden Aull
Editor: Tuki Laumea

Director: Twayne Laumua
Writer: Twayne Laumua
Producer: Elizabeth Koroivulaono
Key Cast: Asia Stanley