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Season Two of After Forever picks up 6 months after the end of Season One. Brian has a new relationship and a new job, but Jason is still very present in his life. The 8-episode season continues his and his friends’ journey of love, loss and moving on.

  • Best International Drama

Director: Tina Cesa Ward
Writer: Michael Slade, Kevin Spirtas
Producer: Michael Slade, Kevin Spirtas, Allison Vanore
Key Cast: Kevin Spirtas, Mitchell Anderson, Erin Cherry, Cady Huffman, Anita Gillette, Lenny Wolpe, Mary Beth Peil, Christopher J. Hanke, Mike McGowan, Wyatt Fenner, Jonathan Rayson, Peter Kim, Robert Emmet Lunney
Cinematographer: Colleen Kwok
Editor: Tracy Casper Lang & Robb Padgett
Composer: Rob Gokee
Production Designer: Scott Michael Salame
Sound Designer: Robb Padgett
Supporting Cast: Kevin Spirtas, Mitchell Anderson, Cady Huffman, Erin Cherry, Mike McGowan, Wyatt Fenner, Christopher J. Hanke, Anita Gillette, Lenny Wolpe, Mary Beth Peil, Robert Emmet Lunney, Jonathan Rayson, Peter Kim, Finn Douglass, Jamison Stern, David Dean Bottrell, Erin Leigh Peck, Michael McElroy, Scott Redmond, Bill Brochtrup