Biogenesis (AUS)

Official Selection

Living matter is the canvas of a unique group of artists that dare to challenge what we know about biology, nature and our own bodies.

Their ground-breaking ideas incorporate revolutionary new concepts in science and technology that foreshadow the next stages of human evolution and boldly question our direction as a species. These are their stories and the genesis of a new definition of life itself.

    • Best Australian Non-Fiction

Director: Steven Alyian
Writer: Steven Alyian
Producer: Alice Wolfe
Key Cast: Guy Ben-Ary, Nina Sellars, Helen Pynor, Tarsh Bates, John A Douglas, Mike Bianco
Cinematographer: Steven Alyian, A.J. Coultier, Benjamin Berkhout, Eamon Dimmitt, Mitch Ayers
Editor: Dominic Pearce
Composer: Jacob Steele
Production Designer: Steven Alyian
Sound Designer: Steven Alyian
Supporting Cast: Guy Ben-Ary, Nina Sellars, Helen Pynor, John A Douglas, Tarsh Bates, Mike Blanco
VFX Lead/Team: Steven Alyian, Dominic Pearce