Connecting… (s2) (CAN)


Official Selection

After a few years in Paris, Mani, an Iranian-Canadian, moves back to Montreal to be closer to his mother and daughter, but alas, their reunion will be short-lived. At 16, Lili is ready to leave the nest. She wants to discover the world and takes part in a school exchange program in the United States.

While living with an African-American family in Detroit, she discovers a world of injustice and racism and a civilization in ruins… but little by little, she sees a new world rise from the ashes, a world in which she absolutely wants to play a part!

As for Granny, she sold everything she had to make her dream come true: settling down in the countryside! This return to a simpler life is meant to be a grounding experience. But even with her hands in the soil, her head seems elsewhere…

Alone again, Mani tries to find his footing in a city he barely recognizes. In his early forties and with a midlife crisis on the horizon, he feels the urge to create and find a new purpose in life…

  • Best International Comedy
  • Best Supporting Actor

Director: Jean-François Leblanc
Writer: Mani Soleymanlou
Producers: Benoit Beaudoin, Samuel St-Pierre & Judith Brès
Cast: Mani Soleymanlou, Tayna V. Lavoie, Monique Miller, Hasani Freeman, Preach, Adrien Bletton & Ève Duranceau
Cinematographer: Antoine Benhini
Editor: Samuel St-Pierre
Composer: Philippe Brault
Production Designer: Camille Barrantes
Sound Designer: Karim Blondy
Supporting Cast: Charles Bender, Éric Robidoux, Médecin – Sébastien Leblanc, Tania Arana
VFX Lead/Team: Simon Potvin-Goulet