Content (AUS)

Official Selection

‘Content’ is a premium comedy series from the perspective of Lucy’s smart phone. We don’t just see what she types and browses but what she backspaces and deletes. The show takes place in real time on Lucy’s smart phone. When she’s interfacing with her phone – we’re interfacing with her. But it’s not just the social apps where we see the story play out. We see inside Lucy mind: her google searches, private messages, photo albums, phone calls and everything she wouldn’t want to reveal. The show focuses on the collision of her private and public worlds in each episode.

  • Best Australian Comedy
  • Best Editing
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Visual/Special Effects
Directors: Daley Pearson ,Walter Woodman

Writer: Anna Barnes
Producer: Meg O’Connell

Key Cast: Charlotte Nicdao, Gemma Bird Matheson

Executive Producers: Daley Pearson, Charlie Aspinwall
Cinematographer: Gregory Francis
Editor: Patrick Cederberg, Michael Griffin
Production Designer: Isabelle Fitzsimons Reilly
Sound Designer: Luke Mynott
Supporting Cast: Sharon Orval, Megan Washington, RackaRacka
VFX Lead/Team: Patrick Cederberg