Dead End (isr)

Official Selection

Dead End is an animated comedy web series set in a post-apocalyptic Israel. The year is 2020 and Jerusalem has been decimated by a nuclear war. Bickering teenage siblings Yarden and Kineret travel what remains of the city in search of their little brother who went missing in the aftermath of the bombing. In their travels they encounter various survivors of what was once Israel, only to find that very little had actually changed.

    • Best Animation
    • Best Screenplay
    • Best Sound Design

Director: Nir Berger
Writer: Nir Berger, Ofir Z Sasson
Producer: Yael Ozsinay – Mind the Gap Animation
Key Cast: Ofir Z Sasson, Gaya Beer Gurevich
Art Director: Inbal Ochyon
Original Music: Nami Melumad
Sound Design: Ori Kadishay
Editor: Ofir Sasson, Nir Berger
Composer: Nami Melumad
Production Designer: Inbal Ochyon (Art Director)
Sound Designer: Ori Kadishay
Supporting Cast: Yotam Perel, Daniel Buxe, Guy Shahaf, Liron Narunsky, Rotem Bloch, Carmel Sela, Evyater Halimi
VFX Lead/Team: Yali Herbet (Compositing)