Density by Design (AUS)

Australian Spotlight

Our sprawling cities are reaching their limits and we find ourselves at a cultural crossroads, as the great Australian dream must adapt to a new era. There is a growing movement away from big houses on big blocks and an increased demand for multi-residential developments near our city hubs. Now the real challenge is upon us… to stop the cookie cutter model of development and move toward a new approach that enables innovative, affordable, sustainable design for everyone. Dr Josh Byrne, is an environmental scientist and research fellow with Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living. In Density by Design he is on a journey of learning, seeking out the leading minds and ground-breaking ideas on sustainable higher density residential projects around Australia, that are inspiring change through demonstration.

    • Best Australian Spotlight

Director: Brendan Hutchens
Writers: Brendan Hutchens, Dr Josh Byrne
Producer: Brendan Hutchens
Key Cast: Dr Josh Byrne
Cinematographer: Adrian Price, Peter Zakharov, Scott Gibson, Brendan Hutchens
Editor: Nick Dunlop 
Composer: Mat Cheetham aka Rooster Police