Fairy Floss (AUS)

Official Selection

Named for the Facebook group for sharing and finding rooms in Melbourne, “Fairy Floss” finds housemates and friends; Jacob and Savanna, interviewing for a room in their Coburg share house, but neither could be prepared for the outrageous characters they will encounter over the course of their day.

    • Best Australian Comedy
    • Best Screenplay

Director: Harry Quinlan
Writer: Harry Quinlan
Key Cast: Jessie Bouma, Madelyn Sheahan, Meerna Yousif, Firdi Billimoria, Avery Hutley, Andy Berry-Brown, Lucinda Keating, Capri Walsh, Harry Quinlan, Zachary Kazepis, Kate Moore, Tian Hunt
Cinematographer: Shawkat Husseini
Editor: Harry Quinlan
Composer: James Knox
Production Designer: Elena Fabbris
Sound Designer: Sam L’Huillier
Sound Recordist: Alexander Christensen
Production Assistant: Elena Fabbris
Supporting Cast: Meerna Yousif, Firdi Billimoria, Avery Hutley, Lucinda Keating, Andy Berry-Brown, Harry Quinlan, Zachary Kazepis, Kate Moore, Tian Hunt