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Wanting to save money for the upcoming wedding, a young couple — Olya and Stas — decides to rent out two of the three rooms of a Moscow apartment donated by their parents.

Viewers will see how characters will learn to take responsibility for their decisions and actions throughout the season and make new true friends.

The first own original series of the popular Russian social network Odnoklassniki (41 mln MAU in Russia).

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  • Best International Comedy

Director: Dina Shturmanova

Writers: Andrey Berezhansky, Dina Shturmanova.

Producers: Elena Kotunova, Olga Volodina.

Key cast:

  • Artem Tsukanov
  • Lukerya Ilyashenko
  • Dmitry EndaltsevRoden

Camera: Vasily Ryzhov

Editors: Alexander Pak

Sound: Georgy Lebedev

Art Director: Maxim Alipchenko