Girl, Interpreted (AUS)

Official Selection

Girl, Interpreted is a bilingual comedy about Lillian, a nervous Mandarin interpreter who stutters and stumbles her way through hectic cultural misunderstanding. Inspired by writer/director Grace Feng Fang Juan’s professional experience as an interpreter, the series shines a light on the crucial – but oft
awkward – role of facilitating communication for the day-to-day of migrant communities in contemporary Australia.

  • Best Australian Comedy
  • Best Lead Actor/Ensemble
  • Best Screenplay
Director: Grace Feng Fang Juan
Writer: Grace Feng Fang Juan
Producer: Nikki Tran
Key Cast: Jenny Zhou
Cinematographer: Mark Kenfield
Editor: Angela How
Composer: Luna Pan
Production Designer: Eleanora Steiner
Sound Designer: Brendan Croxon
Supporting Cast: Linda Hsia Chin, Adam Hetherington, Frances Wang, Joanne Ng, Peter Barron, Simeon Yang, Yuchen Wang, Ravi Chand, Andrea Solonge
VFX Lead/Team: Lisa Cope