Grey Nomads 2

official selection

Grey Nomads, Bev and Don are back on the road spending some quality time, one on one. They are just about to meet up with Ingrid, Ella and Ernie but a fork in their road sends them all on a detour to the Hunter Valley for the wedding of their son Stephen. Now the Grey Nomads must put their own problems aside and band together to produce the nuptials of the year.

  • Best Australian Comedy

Director-Writer: Felix Williamson

Producers: Hamish Roxburgh, Felix Williamson.

Key cast:

  • Denise Roberts – “Bev Boyce”
  • William Zappa – “Don Boyce”
  • Heather Mitchell – “Ingrid Loftven”
  • Peter O’Brien – “Luca Rossi”
  • Danny Adcock – “Ernie Rouche”
  • Kerry Armstrong – “Ella Rouche”
  • Susie Porter – “Barbara Trike”
  • Annie Maynard – “Emily Rouche”
  • John Waters – “Henry Keen”
  • Bree Abbott – “Ellen Simpson”
  • Felix Williamson – “Lesley Hegney”
  • Hamish Roxburgh – “Sommelier”