Halal Gurls (AUS)

Australian Spotlight

A comedy series offering a candid look into the lives of three 20-something Hijabis living their best lives in Australia as they endure the unseen everyday culture clash between their faith and desire.

    • Best Australian Spotlight

Director: Vonne Patiag
Writers: Vonne Patiag, Aanisa Vylet, Sara Mansour, Danielle Stamoulos, Hajer Al-Awsi
Producers: Vonne Patiag, Petra Lovrencic
Key Cast: Aanisa Vylet, Jessica Phoebe Hanna, Hajer Al-Awsi, Bryan Brown
Cinematographer: Emma Paine
Editor: Vonne Patiag
Composer: Ahmed Kamal
Production Designer: Isabella Andronos
Sound Designer: John Resch
Supporting Cast: Aanisa Vylet Jessica Phoebe Hanna Hajer Bryan Brown Vonne Patiag Brielle Flynn