Hot Department: Dark Web

official selection

Taking place during a nondescript, yet nostalgic time period, Hot Department: Dark Web will take you on a journey to the strangest corners of the internet. This eight part series will present a series of interlinked sketches, centring around various character’s online browsing habits when they think no one’s watching.

A chunky, retro computer is our gateway to the internet’s underbelly as we fall into a rabbit hole of lost tapes, dated PSA’s, cursed deep web videos, surreal infomercials, viral music videos, deranged TikTok’s, needy viruses, disappointing stepmom porn and more.

Innocent ideas will become anything but as they’re passed through Hot Department’s woodchipper of creative subversion as we explore the unlimited oddities of the World Wide Web…so hold onto your keyboard and delete your search history.

  • Best Australian Comedy

Director: Liam Fitzgibbon


  • Honor Wolff
  • Patrick Durnan Silva
  • Emma Holland

Producer:  Claudia Holmes

Executive Producers: Max Miller, Jono Mastrippolito.

Key cast:

  • Honor Wolff
  • Patrick Durnan Silva
  • Zachary Ruane
  • Broden Kelly
  • Mark Bonanno
  • Michelle Brasier
  • Rhys Nicholson