How Deadly (AUS)

Australian Spotlight

Spiders can’t jump – or can they? Where did Skippy: The Bush Kangaroo go wrong? And how might you avoid coming a cropper against a croc? These are just a few of the burning issues covered in ABC Science’s digital series “How Deadly”.

The series combines the knowledge and personality of radio/podcast host Ann Jones with user-generated content of Australians interacting with ‘dangerous’ animals, such as crocodiles, snakes, huntsman spiders and magpies.

  • Best Australian Spotlight

Producer: Hannah Draper
Executive Producer: Penny Palmer
Cast: Dr Ann Jones
Researchers: Jodie Boehme, Alice Goodman, Hannah Draper
Editors: Alex Barnett, Inder Aney
Cinematographer: Dimitri Zaunders
Composer: Theme by The Grogans