Human Telegraphs – Season 1

International Spotlight

Human Telegraphs is a quirky and sweet female-driven series that follows three women as they launch an in-person message delivery business in NYC, and get tangled in the intimate, unexpected, and hilarious lives of strangers.

Trisha has been a type-A, driven she-boss from the time she left diapers, Margot is a shy, aspiring actor who left a sheltered religious upbringing in Alaska to find her true self in NYC, and Lily is a fiery hippie, feminist playwright.

The three friends are forced to juggle the demands of their personal lives and dreams while being caught in the crossfire of other New Yorkers’ relationship dramas, setbacks, and triumphs. Will their business and lives flounder or flourish in the Big Apple?

Human Telegraphs offers a fun, voyeuristic view into the personal relationships of a colorful collection of New Yorkers, and takes viewers behind their closed doors to reveal the authentically raw and eccentric humans of New York.​​

  • Best International Spotlight

Director: Kayla Conroy

Producers: Fern Lim, Rachel Kay Barclay, Kayla Conroy.

Writer: Rachel Kay Barclay

Key Cast: 

  • Kayla Conroy – “Margot”
  • Fern Lim – “Trisha”
  • Rachel Kay Barclay – “Lily”