Italia Sicilia Gela (ITA)

Official Selection

Through 7 episodes, the web series tells about Gela, one of the most contradictory cities in Italy, through the stories of as many inhabitants that give an unusual insight into the perception of the city, describing the elements of unease together with the opportunities so far largely unexpressed . Gela is a metaphor for the problems and potential of Sicily and all of Italy. Hence the name “Italia Sicilia Gela”.

  • Best International Non-Fiction

Director: Iacopo Patierno
Iacopo Patierno
Producer: Jacopo Fo
Cast: Don Lino di Dio, Elisa La Spina, Sandra la Terra, Silvia Scuderi, Giuseppe la Spina, Francesco D’Aleo, Tiberio, Viola & Dalila
Cinematographer: Paolo Negro
Editor: Serana Pighi
Composer: Armando Taranto, Marco Mariconda, Gabriella Acanfora
Production Designer: Ludovic Dufresne
Sound DesignerDanile Sosio
Production Designer: Jacopo Fo