Meta Runner (AUS)

Official Selection

In a world where video games are everything, cybernetically enhanced competitors known as ‘Meta Runners’ reign supreme. To the public, they are sports stars, celebrities, and idols rolled into one. But beneath the neon lights and the fan-filled arenas lies a dark underbelly where people will do anything to be number one.

  • Best Animation
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Visual/Special Effects

Director: Luke Lerdwichagul
Writer: Jeffrey Yang, Kevin Lerdwichagul
Producer: Kevin Lerdwichagul
Key Cast: Celeste Notley-Smith, Jessica Fallico, Robyn Barry-Cotter, David JG Doyle, Anthony Sardinha, Hayley Williams, Brendan Barry-Cotter, Amber Lee-Connors
Cinematographer: Matthew Peckham
Editor: Joel Bobbin
Composer: AJ Dispirito
Production Designer: Matthew Peckham
Sound Designer: Sarah Baradhi & Michael Barbagallo
VFX Lead/Team: Joel Bobbin