Moments of Clarity (AUS)

Official Selection

A sweet yet dark animated comedy series about a neurotic bearded man, and his wise little dog, as they confront the trivial and grand truths of everyday life.

  • Best Australian Animation
  • Best Screenplay

Director: Tim Logan
Writer: Tim Logan
Producer: Paul Moran
Key Cast: Tim Logan, Gen Fricker, Luke McGregor, Nina Oyama, Emesha Rudolf, Jojo Chinaski
Cinematographer: (Animation Director) Stefan Le Mottee
Composer: Nick Storr
Production Designer: Jess Murray
Sound Designer: Nick Storr
Supporting Cast: Luke McGregor, Gen Fricker, Nina Oyama, Emesha Rudolf, Jojo Chinaski
VFX Lead/Team: Animation team: Animation Director – Stefan Le Mottee Animator – Air Chuthapisit Layout Artist/Assistant Animator – Scott Baxter Animation Attachment – Christopher Gagel