Pet Killer (AUS)

Official Selection

Brooks is a loving, hard working, responsible brother to his little sister Laura. He has also inadvertently garnered a macabre reputation for being a hitman for people’s furry friends, or the Pet Killer. But when you’re only 20 and have lost both parents at a young age, what wouldn’t you do to try to keep your baby sister away from the clutches of a scheming, manipulative step-mother?

  • Best Australian Comedy
  • Best Lead Actor or Ensemble
  • Best Screenplay

Director: Tibo Pinsard

Writer: Tibo Pinsard, Paul Michael Ayre, Amichai Greenberg
Producer: Enzo Tedeschi, Tom Pope, Luke Graham, Rachele Wiggins, Antoine Disle
Key Cast: Charles Cottier, Bianca Bradey, Molly Barwick, James Gerard
Cinematographer: Shing Fung Cheung
Editor: John Cole
Composer: Nicolas Pinsard
Production Designer: Andrew Boland
Sound Designer: Sasha Zastavnikovic
Supporting Cast: James Gerard, Bianca Bradey, Molly Barwick
VFX Lead/Team: Sandrino Pozezanac, Ryan McCalla