Pull My Finger (AUS)

Official Selection

Pull My Finger is the triumphant 7 part saga, where a son pulls his father’s when asked. In each episode we are presented with the same scenario, each time taking a wildly different turn. Some episodes are mind-bending, while others are downright grim. Eventually the series reaches an ultimate conclusion.

  • Best Australian Comedy
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Visual/Special Effects

Directors: Jesse Vogelaar & Justin Villar
Writers: Jesse Vogelaar, Caitlyn Staples, Scott Limbrick, Hill Kuttner
Producer: Jesse Vogelaar
Cast: Ben Russell & Hill Kuttner
Cinematographer: Ryan Gasparini
Editor: Mario Hannah
Production Designer: Diane Vu
Sound Designer: Mario Hannah
Supporting Cast: James Collopy
VFX Lead/Team: Josh Hackett, Jamie Rangitaawa